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Friday, November 18th, 2022 2:08 AM

Taking over existing account with the new one

I recently took over the business and they had comcast business account.
I was trying to open up my account with comcast but i was told that I can not keep the phone number that the previous account has (the previous account is still active).
I was told by the comcast customer care that I can open up a new account with my business name then claim the number that the previous account has.
Is it possible?



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1 year ago

Hi @user_d9b9fb, and thanks for reaching out to us at Xfinity!


Thanks for letting us know how we can help. Quick question, were you trying to keep the same phone number to be used as your new business number for customers to contact? Or were you trying to keep the number for account research reasons since taking over the previous account? Just trying to understand if we need to review ownership transfer options if you wanted to use it for your business contact with a possible new business name.