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Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 4:00 PM

Just posting a public complaint about certain BCI billing practices - don't hate! :)

I'll be posting this with the utmost respect to the forum members/moderators here, as I realize they have little power over billing policies and what not. This post is primaily done to just signal boost what seems to be a common complaint that I see.


I like to think that I'm usually a lot less anti-Comcast than the average subscriber here, what with me being an "established member" and all. As far as their engineering is concerned, i have been quite satisfied with the experience, particularly considering the mass scale of equipment a company of this size must deal with.


My post here is addressing the increasing prices of modem rentals, "franchise fees", and other miscellaneous charges on my bill, that I have observed over the past 2.5 years of being a Comcast business subsciber. The initial sales pitch was a 3 year contract with a fixed price. I might be crazily misunderstanding things, but on the surface, that to me seems to imply that my bill will stay the same over that 3 year period. Fast forward to now, and I have seen 2 modem rental fee increases and a "franchise fee" increase, for a delta increase of around ~8-9$ a month.


Now, I realize that the fine print of the contract states that the base price of the services I am paying for will not change, and specifically exempts any and all additional fees from that price lock. So there's nothing technically "illegal" about this. It technically was what I signed up for. And true to the contract's word, I still am itemized a $199.99 charge for 100/20 uncapped internet service (which is still FAR too much IMHO, but that's an entirely different topic Smiley Wink )


But I still don't like it.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In my mind, "fixed price" should mean "fixed price". Particularly for so-called "business class" service. We're already paying quite a premium over standard residential service. The LEAST Comcast could do is give us the benefit of an unchanging bill, at LEAST for the duration of the contract.


I, along with some of my roomates, partially support our income via work-from-home in various ways, and we depend on our internet connection to do so. Things like this make us reconsider renewing our contract, and combined with certain other issues (customer service botches, primarily), actually make us consider physically moving to somewhere served by another competing ISP.


Sorry, rant mode over 🙂 Hopefully someone higher-up in the ranks might read this, and MIGHT consider it at the next board meeting.


Thanks for reading.

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9 years ago

Hey train_wreck,


Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to make sure that you and the Forum community has some specificity around this thread's topic.  First, all business class customers are subject to the Business Terms and Conditions .  Article 3.1 specifically addresses your subject matter as I have brought a portion of this out for convenience and focus below:

3.1 Charges. Customer shall pay Comcast one hundred percent (100%) of the Custom Installation Fee prior to the
installation of Service. Customer further agrees to pay all charges associated with the Services, as set forth or referenced in the applicable Service Order(s) or invoiced by Comcast. These charges may include, but are not limited to installation charges, monthly recurring service charges, usage charges including without limitation charges for the use of Comcast Equipment, per-call charges, pay-per-view charges, charges for service calls, maintenance and repair charges, and applicable federal, state, and local taxes, fees, surcharges and recoupments
(however designated)...................."


As you can see above, Comcast does in fact always honor the Service Order Agreement (SOA) all applicable Service Orders (i.e. BCTV, BCDV, or BCHSI) prices for the term, including all 1 time Non-Recurring Costs for Installations, etc. However, "  usage charges including without limitation charges for the use of Comcast Equipment " does stipulate and refers to Comcast being able to increase its equipment fees outside the SOA.   Equipment Fees are mainly rental fees, however, this can also be construed to include the serviceability and maintainability of Comcast services equipment. So, if you are a triple play Business Class customer with BCTV with 10 cable boxes, BCDV with 24 Telephone Numbers, which requires 3 8-port Telephone Modems, and  BCHSI with any Comcast Internet Gateway, you still only pay one $12.95 equipment fee for Comcast to service and maintain all 14 total boxes and all coaxial cabling associated with all Comcast services.


I hope this helps you and other forum members out by putting the equipment fee into the proper perspective and context.


Hope you and all forum members have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving..... Smiley Wink 

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9 years ago

Have experienced the same