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Thursday, July 16th, 2015 2:00 PM

Adding Multiple Accounts to one account landing page?

I have muiltiple locations, with muiltiple accounts with comcast. Is there a way to have one centeralized user name account when I can access all locations/accounts at a glance? Instead of making a seperate login for each location? Thanks

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8 years ago

If i want to add (link) multiple accounts can you add different bank accounts as well? For example link 6 different accounts and have a seperate bank account for each comcast account? If so, what is this process and can the difference bank accounts be chosen when a payment is to be made? Thanks



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9 years ago

Hello ThirdD and welcome, You have the ability to link multiple accounts and have access to them all via this one BC Portal account. Please see the following link for information how to create and delete account links. 1. Hope this helps you out.