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Sat, Oct 25, 2014 8:00 PM

They LIE

If your looking into business class for phone and internet be WARNED!!! Comcast WILL lie to you and tell you your internet speed will increase. THEY ARE WRONG!!!! They will actually slow your speed down to 16Mbps. I had a 50Mbps connection with xfinity and business class told me how "Wonderful and FAST their interent connection is!!" So I switched my internet to them with my phone. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now their VOIP works great and I love it!!! Even the online service for it works very well, just don't get in a hurry anymore with their internet. OH yeah by the way after to hook up you can switch back with out paying 80% of you contract out.


They are VERY sugary sweet to you when they want you to join them, then after your hooked they get VERY bitter and basically tell you off. This is my experience with comcast business class and this is what I tell ALL my busniess customers that ask about changing to them. I tell them of my experiance and they RUN SCREAMING from them. I DO NOT advise ANYONE to get business class internet packages!!!! STAY AWAY!!!! Go to exfinity where it's really FASTER and at a better price!!!




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6 years ago

If you are able to elaborate a bit more on the issue you are having I'm sure we can sure get you some help. Looking at your post it seems you are having slow speed issues? If so, are you constantly seeing slow speeds or does it slow down during peak times?


Headover to or and grab your signal levels. These are generally located on the cable modem or WAN status page. These will help us determine where your issue is.