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Thu, Jan 24, 2013 10:00 AM

SMCD3G-CCR Continuously resetting and losing connectivity

We have comcast business class internet and we have two buildings with two different modems, on the same network.  We have the main admin building and the Operations and Maintenance building across the street. 


Admin building is the problem modem

-  We are connecting the modem to our network via a cat 5 cable directly to one of our switches.  We have tried numerous different connections.  Different cables, still the modem constantly resets.  I can log into the modem and watch as the initialization procedure continues to reset.  If we plug directly into the modem it works fine, it doesn't start to reset until we plug the modem into our network. 


O&M building, exact same modem and it is functioning properly.  Plugged directly into a switch that is connected to the admin building via fiber. 


Comcast support didn't have an answer for us.. please help.. We need to get this resolved ASAP..




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9 y ago

Hello aakridge1,


Welcome to the forum.

Based on your description it appears one or more of your network device behind the switch may be causing the issue.

To assist, I suggest the following:


To the Comcast device (modem) connect only the switch without anything connected to it.

 - Check to see if the modem resets

- If modem does not reset

  - Start connecting your network devices to the switch one at a time as you continue check modem's status.

   - This will help isolating network device that may be causing the modem reset.

- If modem does reset

 - This may indicate there is a conflict/interference with switch and the modem.

 - I suggest swapping the switch with another switch that is of working order to test.



Thank You