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Tue, Jun 23, 2020 9:00 AM

Service dropping every 2 to 3 days

so using my own equipment at my old address I have never had any issues with Comcast business service.  I recently bought a house and moved my service to the new address and this is where the Hell starts, service drops out every 2 to 3 days.  Working with tech support resolves nothing and every time they dispatch a field tech the field tech will tell me "what's going on, not sure why I am here".  Again service goes down they agree to replace the modem and I wait until a service tech shows up and once again when the tech shows up he has no idea why he is there and again he wants to blame my equipment for the service dropping AND it's NOT MY EQUIPMENT ITS YOUR EQUIPMENT, it has Comcast name all over it.


I am sick of getting routed to tech support trying to find out who I can complain to and get this fixed once and for all only to get hung up on... I don't want to talk to tech support anymore I want to talk with someone who can resolve this or I am done with this garbage service. who can I call, I want a direct number and no more phone tree options only to end back up with a basic tech support rep.

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2 y ago

Hello, thank you so much for sharing this experience. I am very sorry to learn your service has not worked ideally at the new location. I know this is extremely dissatisfying. Especially since you never had trouble previously. This is a great place to talk and get support because we are dedicated to providing thorough support. Are you able to send a private message so I can assist you in greater detail? Are you able to include your first and last name, your full-service address, and your account number? (or phone number) Do you use the Comcast Business app? From the app, if you select the three lines in the left corner and go to Account Details, you can view your account number.

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8 m ago

Whats the fix for this issue if it has been resolved?