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Mon, Aug 10, 2020 8:00 AM

Ports are not open ...


Just a quick FYI, I have been in IT for over 30 years, so yes, I know what I am doing.
Ok, anyway, got my business class up and going, set up my server(s), set all the port forwards and DMZ in the modem/router provided by Comcast. All seemed well and good, but ...
Most ports are blocked. When I called Comcast support (According to the site available 24/7), I was told by the tech that all the ports I needed are forwarded correctly. (I know this, I set it up.) Told the tech the posts are not open. (This was tested from outside the network, the ports are NOT open that I need! (30000 ~ 30004) I scanned the entire port range 1-65535 and noticed most ports are blocked or filtered. Was told Tier 2 would call me the next day, they didn't, then was told the day after, still nothing. I am loosing money everyday this server cannot be accessed!

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Hello, how are you? I hope overall your day has been a good one. I am sorry about the issues with the ports. I will be happy to help and take a closer look at your account. I will also make sure you get contacted by our business repair team. Are you able to send over a private message? If you can include your name, account number, (or phone number), and service address this would be great.