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Fri, Feb 27, 2015 7:00 PM

Paying for 16mb/s and getting between 1 and 6

I am currently paying for 16mb/s and for the past roughly 8 hours I have been getting between 1 and 6 megabytes per second. I call and am told by the automated system that they are getting too many calls to answer my tech problem. I keep pressing 0 and am told that if I don't choose an option they will not be able to help me, so I press 0 again and they say "good bye". I then call asking for a sales rep thinking at least if they expect I will be buying maybe they will try to help me. They then say their offices are closed. I am forced to sit here and accept my shoddy internet speeds. This is unacceptable. When I am paying for such a service and you can't expect perfection at all times it is reasonable to at least be able to get updates to internet issues at all times if there is a problem. Oligopolies are the worst!

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7 y ago

There is a limited amount of assistance that we can provide here, if you would like.


To start, have you tried plugging a computer directly into the modem & doing a speedtest that way? As well, can you post a screenshot of your downstream and upstream signal levels located at or