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Thu, Jan 3, 2019 11:00 AM

On my third broadband modem - unacceptable "Business" speeds with teleworker account

I have a teleworker Comcast Business account and am wondering if I should just switch over to residential service.  I had service just a few miles away in Pleasant View and the broadband performance was miles apart from this "Business" class service.  Typical download is 25 and upload is throttled way back to 6.


I've seen many, many others on here complaining about the same exact lack of service and bandwidth caps causing major download issues.  I work for Dell and require large ISO file downloads on a near weekly basis.  When I do, it brings my home internet connection to its knees.  Pathetic in this day and age - it certainly does not add up to meeting service level agreements.


Before we start getting into the usual nonsense - I have a Netgear C6900 with the latest (Comcast provided) firmware at V1.01.32.  I have noticed I cannot update this.


Here's a screen shot of my signal strength and dB numbers


Capture1.JPGI've seen this question many times but very few provide these numbers.

Capture2.JPGHere they are.  And the download speeds are unacceptable.  We also live in an HOA that pays a bulk subscriber rate for basic cable, so I would like to think that maybe there's a residential option that could get me in a reasonable price with better speeds that we are getting here.


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2 y ago

Hi neelpert1.


I would like to assist with your internet services. I'll need your information to review your signal levels. Please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of your business location and the phone number associated with your business account.