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Sunday, September 13th, 2020 10:00 AM

Multiple connection drop outs with DHCP error



Yesterday Comcast had a short outage in my area. Since then I have had numerous connection drop outs. Checking the logs on my router I see the following message:


"Your ISP DHCP is not functioning properly."


I have tried rebooting modem and router. I disconnected power from the modem for 5 minutes before reconnecting.


Calling support has not proved helpful. The first person I talked to put me on hold and never came back, the second person tried to help but could not fix the issue and the third person did not help because I am not using a Comcast provided modem.


I found this on the Xfinity forum:

Would this solution apply to my issue as well?



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3 years ago

Hello, I hope my reply reaches you at a good time and your day has been a good one! I am sorry about the trouble with your modem or router after the service interruption. A loss in connection can happen for more than one reason but a re-activation may resolve the issue. I can get this done and take a closer look at your account. Are you able to send a private message so I can locate the account? Please include your name exactly as it appears on your account, your full-service address, and your account number? (or phone number)