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Thu, Aug 5, 2021 12:16 PM

Internet goes down daily and requires a manual modem reset

We have Business Internet and Phone service.  Our internet goes down daily and requires us to manually pull the power from the modem to reset the internet.  The phones are unaffected.  We have a fixed IP and are using the CISCO DPC3941b modem (not the WiFi).  We've had this service for a few years with few issues, and this has started in the last couple of months.  We believe that we need a new modem.  Please advise.

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Hace 10 m

Hi user_8cdca1. We appreciate you visiting and posting on our Forums. Apologies you've been experiencing issues with your internet connectivity. I can assist with performing diagnostics, and scheduling a tech visit for any additional troubleshooting needed / modem replacement. To get started, please send us a message with your full name, business name, complete service address, and account number or phone number to "Comcast Business".


To do so, simply follow these steps: 

 • Click "Sign In" if necessary
 • Click the "direct message" icon located in the upper right corner of this page
 • Click the "New message" icon (pencil and paper) 
 • Type "Comcast Business" in the to line and select "Comcast Business" from the drop-down list
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Hace 8 m

We, too, are experiencing an increasing number of service outages, usually requiring a reset of the cable router. 

I am assuming that there was some erroneous router firmware update applied that is causing the exceptional number of service outages.  A reset of the router restores service temporarily, however, it is an appalling level of quality for a business internet service. 

I sent a detailed report of the most recent four outages about 10 hours ago via direct messaging as the support team always seems to request but have so far had no response.