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Monday, July 21st, 2014 11:00 AM

Intermittent service

Since the method of contact support through phone is buried and hidden who knows where, I'll just post here. We ordered comcast business specifically to have reliable and uninterrupted connectivity for our dental practice since ATT U-Verse is plagued with dropped internet connection. 


After using comcast for just a few weeks, I noticed that the "business class" service is no different, and in some areas, worse than ATT U-Verse


We run multiple iPods/iPads streaming netflix/pandora that are connected to video goggles or headphones for our patients. To this day, we aren't able to utilize any of them because of constant errors and network drops. A few of our MacBook pro laptops are able to connect to the network but can't access internet connection, rendering them useless. Miltiple steps to configure network settings on our devices yielded the same results; intermittent service


Wireless signal to our back office is so poor, we had to run a cat-5 directly to our computers there in order to use them. The ATT U-Verse wifi/modem had absolutely no problem reaching the back office and show full connectivity bars on our devices. We are using the cable modem/wireless router that were provided for us.


Now we are thinking if Comcast business is even worth the extra we are paying for U-Verse if we're still experiencing the same issues. 


We need this issue resolved right away and soon. 

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9 years ago

Head over to or and post the signal levels of your modem. Preferably grab them right after a drop or during a drop. I'd also recommend that you don't use the built in wireless capabilities of the box as it's junk. You'd be better off buying a standard router and using that. 


The business class phone number is also (800) 391-3000 and is also posted on their homepage in-case you need it again.

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9 years ago

those signals might also be at or whichever IP address your Comcast gateway is assigned.

I will echo the suggestion by kraze; using a separate wifi router/access point will generally give you better performance.

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9 years ago

Hello SFDC and welcome,


I believe kraze and train_wreck have provided you a very viable alternative. However, if you are using the new Comcast DPC3939B this device has approximately 300 Feet wifi radio wave proximity distribution and if you need more than that you may consider an access point connected to that ENET cable you mentioned in your initial post. The access point device should elongate your proximity distribution to between 300-500 total from your DPC device positioning, strenghtening your wifi signaling.


However, even audio streaming is a very highly dense file format, but if your devices (" iPods/iPads ") are 54 mbps is the highest data rate achievable on current wireless networks (802.3g and 802.3n) and your DPC is configured to mixed mode B,G, and N, this should not be an issue. The DPC does have 16X4 bonded downstream channels with a total throughput in excess of 300 Mbps but this does NOT mean wifi can be up to 300 Mbps due to the aforementioned controlling IEEE 802.3 G & N Standards.


I also would also make sure that you are using your private wifi and not the public for your implementation. You will know you are using your private wifi by the private_SSID requiring an encryption passkey both located on the bottom label on your DPC. Also, be advised that your 2.4Ghz wifi is for longer with no blocking obstacles like walls, etc. If you need to go through walls then you should use you 5.0 Ghz wifi channel.


Lastly, if you need to login to your DPC to check your settings, simply plug an ENET cable connected computer into any of the LanPorts 1-4, bring up and browser, enter, username=cusadmin, password=highspeed, and click in your wifi connections area and take a gander at what is configured for your business needs and modify accordingly.


Hope this helps you out.