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Sat, Feb 6, 2021 6:00 AM

Switching from Comcast residential internet to Comcast business

Does the residential account need to be cancelled or does it just switch from one to the other?


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6 m ago

Hi there, thanks for reaching out and this is a great question! You would need to transfer your account over from residential to business which you can do by reaching out to our Business Service representatives. You can get in contact with our support team and learn more information here: Thanks again for both your time and interest! 

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2 m ago

I just did this (residential >> business). The two do not talk to each other, it is as if they are totally separate businesses. The credit I got on unused residential is not applied to the business account. Separate account numbers. I even got both a call from Comcast asking why I closed my (residential) account. The rep had trouble understanding that I switched to Business. Also got a satisfaction survey asking why I "quit." Options included named competitors I switched to (eg, AT&T, Earthlink). None of the options included Comcast for Business. Seems like a poorly managed enterprise. But they've got a lock on Baltimore City, so no competition.