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Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 5:00 PM

Install Mac OS profile on a secure connection through Xfinity internet home/work?

I am a Comcast business customer. We do not have Xfinity WiFi on our Comcast modem.

I have a Macintosh laptop. I want to get the Xfinity WiFi Mac OS app and profile, but to do so the FAQ ( says:

For OSX:
Setup Secure Connection -

From Settings -> Wi-Fi -> select "XFINITY"
Enter your Comcast username and password to join/connect
Re-enter username and/or password. You may also name your device.
Follow on screen prompts to install profile. Please Note: You will be prompted for your device passcode.

BUT, how do I know I’m connecting to a REAL XFINITY network in the first place and not someone who has just setup a fake network named XFINITY that shows the same login page?

I want to install the profile from a secure wired or wireless connection through my Xfinity internet home/work connection. How do I do this?

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7 years ago

OK, after some private discussions with Comcast, here is what works:


1. Connect to your own known secure WiFi network.

2. Download XFINITY WiFi manager from

3. Install the XFINITY WiFi manager.

4. Log in to the XFINITY WiFi manager using your Comcast credentials while on your own known real and secure WiFi network.

5. You can now go to locations where XFINITY WiFi is available and will be able to access the WiFi network without entering your Comcast credentials.


Additional info is about using the Macintosh WiFi Manager is

In addition, in your Control Panels you will see a Profiles icon that will list the XFINITY WiFi profile.

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7 years ago

Hello HotSpotMac and welcome to forums,


With our hot spots you can confirm "xfinitywifi" hot spots by checking to see if the hot spot is listed. You can also send me a private message with the MAC address you see with the signal. Lastly if you see a SSID named "XFINITY" it is for our Mobile Voice Service. SSID's named "xfinitywifi" it is for hot spot use. Again if you have any questions on the device you are connecting to, you can send me a private message with the MAC address and I can verify it. Please let me know if you have any other questions.