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Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 4:00 AM

Hp6700 - no Air printer found

I have Comcast xfinity and an hp6700 printer with a password.  I've connected the printer to the network through the on screen prompts of the printer, using the eps button on the modem and entering the passcode to the modem/network. 


All L will print fine from iPads, laptops and other wireless devices.  Then from same device, the message "no air printers found" will display for the next print request.  It requires reconnecting the printer from the printer menu again.  How can we keep the

printer on the network permanently?  Why does it randomly disconnect?  





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8 years ago

Hello Oh2bncal and welcome,


I recommend you try the following possible issue resolving alternatives:


1. Make sure you HP6700 has the latest and greatest firmware installed from the HP support website


2. Make sure that all the iPads, Laptops, etc. devices (TheDevices) have the correct operating system drivers installed.


3. If 1 & 2 are verified, then check too see what SSID and password TheDevices are using to connect to the HP6700.

    TheDevices should be using the SSID and Encryption PassCode (Passcode) that is programmed within the HP6700 network
    setup / configuration. Also, if you are using your Comcast Gateway (like DPC3939 or DPC3941) then make sure
    The Devices are using that SSID and Passcode.


If you have consistent SSID and Password to connect to you HP6700, you should not have any issues with printing multiple documents. I can attest to this because I use both an HP 7780 and 8600 and they both work perfectly because of the above information I have stated.


Hope this helps you out.