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Sunday, September 18th, 2016 8:00 PM

Comcast Wifi and Apple Extreme

​We recently installed Business Internet and want to use Apple Extemes for an all Apple network (notebooks and desktops).  There are 6 Apple Extemes that are all connected via Ethernet.  How do I enable the Comcast Business wireless on the Comcast device and use the Apple Extemes to extend the wireless thoughout the building?​

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​I tried to connect the Apple devices and disable the wireless on the comcast modem but performance is very poor on the wireless network.  Once I enable wireless network on the comcast modem/router and connect to it then performance is fast.​

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​Any ideas on what I can do to extend wifi using the Apple Extemes on the Comcast wifi or do I disable the Comcast wifi and use the extemes but how do i increase performance​

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6 years ago

Hello PainAdmin and welcome to forums,


As I understand that most Apple network devices can be used to extend a wireless network. Though I am not able to verify the exact configuration, you can most likely use a features "Extend a wireless network" feature to connect them to our gateway. Here is a link to Apple support for more information on how the configuration should go. I hope this helps.