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Monday, January 22nd, 2018 7:00 AM

Comcast not sending promised Visa Gift card - time to lawyer up?

I was contacted by a comcast business agent in august 2017 in response to my online inquiry to install wifi at my office. i originally wanted the basic cheapest service, but he talked me into the higher 79.95/mth service, promising a $99 install credit and a $500 prepaid visa card. i accepted. he sent the contract promising in writing both those things.

2 bills in i hadn't received the install credit, had to call customer service, they finally credited me $80 towards the install (don't know what happened to the $19 remaining) in October. 

By end of Oct, still no gift card, contacted original agent i had dealt withk, said should be 6-8 wks after install, should have received it, would check into it, never heard from him again despite repeated emails/calls on my end reaching out. 

Finally talked to another agent end of NOvember, He looked into it, forwarded me a response on 11/20/17 saying gift card has been processed, should receive 10-14 business days from 11/30/17 (why the 10 day delay?). Never received it, talked to another agent on 16th business day, she said i definitely should have it, would escalate the issue. Never received followup call, email or card.

Called another agent on 1/16/18, she said she would start a ticket, send it over to rebate center. 5 days later, no follow up call or email. called again today, another comcast agent, said he would work on it and send it over to rebate center. 

When i asked my options were if it never got sent to me, for example, who I could complain, or talk to that could actually make things happen, he pretty much told me that i had no recourse and had to sit and wait.

Definitely feel as though Comcast is totally scamming me after talking me into more expensive service. See it all over internet that they do this a lot.

Time to call my lawyer and see what further steps to take - maybe there is a class action suit already out there about this very thing.

hopefully someone here has some advice on how to resolve this.



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6 years ago

Hi CoastlineMassage and welcome the business forums.


I would like to assist and review the status of your gift card. Please private message me your full name, the name of the business, the full service address and the phone number associated with your account.