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Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 7:00 AM

Can't disable xfinitywifi hotspot.

Despite being the primary manager for our account, I cannot disable the hotspot from my profile.  I had tech support disable the hotspot several times, only for it to re-enable the next day. The 2.4ghz spectrum is pretty full here and the hotspot isn't helping.  What can I do to get it disabled permanently?  

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8 years ago

Hello andys03 and welcome,


Please use these instructions  from your administrative email account to disable your public hotspot permanently. Please verify that you have a DPC39XXB Comcast Gateway and if you are not seeing these Wifi Management Facilities in your Busines Class Portal (BCP) account, contact 800-391-3000, use technical high speed internet and request the technical agent to make sure your BCP account is proviisoned correctly.


Hope this helps you out.

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8 years ago

You can have them exchange the modem for an SMC modem.


Or, you can wrap the Cisco modem in aluminum foil and ground the foil.  Hey, it gives it a "retro" 1950's Forbidden Planet look 🙂


Did you disable the wifi in your xfinity settings in the xfinity account settings in the xfinity webinterface on the Internet?  (NOT in the modem's webinterface)



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8 years ago

It will not allow my to complete the turn-off without adding a business name, which turns toggles on my location in the map. I do not want either to be visibile - either my location or my xfinity wifi.   The website consistently fails and claims there is an error.