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Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 3:56 AM

cancelling internet service

I called today to cancel internet service and the retention representative told me it would take Comcast 30 days to cancel and I would be resposible for paying the fees for those 30 days eventhough I already returned the equipment and they likely can cancel same day. And if Comcast really has to take 30 days to cancel my account in their system then that is not my fault and I should not have to pay any fees for those 30 days as no service is being given and my equipment has been returned. Certainly not ethical and likely not legal to do this



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2 years ago

@adascoli3874 Thank you for reaching out with your concerns regarding your disconnection. I can understand your frustration. With issues regarding disconnecting your account. our retention team would be who you would speak to about the process and what your commitment was. If you have any disputes, I would recommend calling in to speak with them directly. I am sorry for any frustration this caused you.




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@Comcast_Abbie​ I'm trying to cancel my service but the phone in the website is not working anymore, please can you send me a email mlsantos@bcsengineers with the phone or email that actually works so I can speak with a comcast representative, thank you 

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@user_fb408c Thanks for the response and we are sorry to hear about your experience trying to get help. Here is a link that provides you with the contact details and number that you requested.