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Monday, November 2nd, 2015 4:00 PM

Can I get a plan with better upload upload speed. Don't need the Dl speed of a larger plan just Ul.

I understand the Asycronous nature of Cable Internet DL/UL speeds.



Currently we have 2 locations and they both have the Deluxe 50/10. I need though better upload speed at least for one location.


Are the only options the advertised plans?


Can I have the 50 down and create a custom plan with more speed up?



Thank You

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9 years ago

Hello CSOAdmin and welcome,


Yes. Comcast offers the following Internet Tier speeds above 50(Down)/10 (Up): 75/15 ($149.00-MRC), 100/20 ($199.95-MRC), 150/20 ($249.95-MRC). If you are located in the Atlanta, GA area there is a new 2Gbps fios service as this link discusses.


Hope this helps you out.