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Friday, January 14th, 2022 9:17 PM

Business mobile cell phone hotspot

​I am looking to switch my cell service to Business mobile.​
​However, I use my cell phone hotspot often when my internet service goes down.​
​I need to know if there is any limit on the cell phone hotspots speed with this service.​

​Can anyone provide insight?​

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1 year ago

@GOHowardTX Hello and good afternoon, and thank you for reaching out. That is a great question! So we actually offer unlimited Data options for just $30 per month, per line (which can be less if you have more lines), and you can learn more about our Xfinity Business Mobile Data options here While tethered, the same unlimited data would apply (if selected) and you can learn more about the device attachment rules for mobile hotspot use with our Xfinity Business mobile here