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Fri, Feb 5, 2021 11:00 AM

VoiceEdge App will not ring



My VoiceEdge desktop app will not ring with an incoming call but when the call is terminated then the app will popup and the missed call is logged.  I found if I via Task Manager end all VoiceEdge tasks and reopen app that calls will ring and I can answer the call(s).  Do you some best practices for using the VoiceEdge desktop app or no what is causing the app not to ring?



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2 y ago

Thank you so much, MarkTichenor for reaching out through our Business Support Community! We can totally understand how frustrating it can become when you are unable to answer your calls. Some best practices would start at ensuring all of your settings are correct, and that you don't have Call Forwarding enabled. The following link will review the advance features of the app, and may help you find a solution. Also, please take note of any add ons, or extensions you may need for the browser you are using.