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Thursday, June 4th, 2020 11:00 AM

Busy Lamp Field user lines disappeared

We have Polycom VVX311 which allows up to 5 Busy Lamp Field(BLF) user lines.   This morning employees that had more than 3 lines configured had lost all BLF user lines on their phones.  In the online configuration they were there.  If you delete the BLF users online until you have 3, they reappear.  Has there been a code change?  How do we 5 BLF user lines again.  We rely on these quite heavily.



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3 years ago

Hello, how are you? I hope overall your day has been a good one! I am sorry to hear you have been having trouble with services at the business location. I need to make sure all your Comcast services are online and connected. Are you able to send a private message so I can provide you with accurate support? I just need to start with your name, service address, and account number (or phone number) to assist you further.