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Thu, Sep 9, 2021 1:00 AM

Business Voice Edge call reporting

Hello I’m looking to get analytics for BVE.

How can I get data specifically for Who picks up phone, how long phone call, agent logins via Call Queue

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2 m ago

Hi there, @user_52d198. Our Business VoiceEdge Desktop App now integrates the Unified Communications features your enterprise counts on to keep connected. You get a softphone, readable voicemail, screen sharing, and more, plus Chrome integration — all in one place on your desktop. You can download the app at no charge in our Cloud Solutions Marketplace.


You can also access your Call Detail Records (CDR) to view information such as calls from, calls to, call duration, and time of day.


  1. Access the Comcast Digital Voice Center for Trunking customers and sign in using your account number and security PIN.
    • Your account number can be found on your bill. Your security PIN was mailed to you upon activation of your account.
  2. This will bring you to the home page with your CDR displayed.
    • New data is loaded on the 1st or 15th of each month in accordance with your billing cycle.
    • You can view files up to 18 months old. Records older than 18 months are not maintained.
    • The most recent list of files is displayed upon signing in. You can change the year by selecting the year from the drop-down box on the Call History page.
  3. Select the date file that you wish to access.
    • You have the option to open or save the file.
    • Files are downloaded in .zip format. A .csv file is contained within the downloaded file. The .csv file contains the file headings for the data, and can be viewed in a spreadsheet or database application. You have the option to open or save the file.