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Mon, Jul 19, 2021 1:44 PM

Be Anywhere Strange Behavior

I have a user who has been using Be Anywhere to get calls on her cell phone. This morning, she reported that she cannot answer her desk phone, that it rings once but she cannot pick up. I call her extension and I get a message that her voice mail is not set up. I start digging.

Her extension is not on DnD.

Her extension is not set to greeting only.

I go to her phone, and log into voicemail using the button on her phone, and it reports she has one voice mail.

I turn off her Be Anywhere, and her extension now rings, and she can pick up calls from her desk phone.

I check her cell phone.

The Comcast Business app is missing or hidden.

She reports that she was traveling and had put her cell phone on airplane mode. She now turns off airplane mode and her desk phone is able to pick up calls again.

Problem solved, right?

However, shouldn't her desk phone ring regardless of the state of her cell phone?

Shouldn't her extension be able to receive voice mails regardless the state of her cell phone?

Am I missing something?


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8 d ago

@MWatsonANB Hello and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us regarding the be anywhere settings. I would recommend reviewing this article: to make sure it is set up how they'd like it to be. To confirm, is the call not going through only when be anywhere is activated? 



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8 d ago

I have reviewed the Be Anywhere settings for this user and there are no rules set up. Answer confirmation is not required.

I also tested this on my extension. With Be Anywhere activated and my cell set to airplane mode, my desk phone rings twice. I can answer on first ring. On second ring, it seems to already be going to voice mail, and people do get my voice mail.

The original user's experience is that the caller gets a recording saying that there is no voice mail set up for that extension. But there is voice mail set up for that extension. And this only happens when Be Anywhere is activated and her cell phone is in airplane mode.