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Thursday, February 4th, 2016 9:00 AM

Voice - Lines not rolling over properly

We have (7) lines. When line one is busy, the next caller gets a busy signal. The same thing happens on line 3. When lines 1-3 are busy, the caller gets a busy. Lines are not rolling over as they should. Also, line 1 & line 3 have broken dial tone as though we have a voicemail message. We do not have Comcast Voicemail.



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8 years ago

Hell GBesosa and welcome,


You need to call 800-391-3000 and use the Digital Voice Technical Option, then ask the technical agent to due the following:


1. Check all of your Telephone lines in the switch to make sure a.) all line have Call Waiting disables, b.) make sure all of your lines have Call Foward Busy enabled in the sequence your business requirements desire, c.) make sure that voice mail on all telephone lines is not active with the biller.


This will resolve all of your telephone issues with your post.

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@VBSSP-RICH​ 7 years later, you helped me.

Thank you