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Wed, Oct 1, 2014 1:00 PM

unable to send out faxes

have had comcast for about 6 months, worked well. for last 15 days or so some of the faxes are not going through.


it seems like it is happening selectively with certain numbers. these same numbers we have been able to send faxes out to in past.


we have called the receiving party and confirmed the faxes. most of these faxes would start to go through but after 1-2 pages just stop.


we have contacted our software vendor who thinks its our fax line



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7 y ago

Hello smunjal and welcome,


The first thing you should do when intermittent FAX completion occurs is to initialize th FAX machine as follows:

1. unplug the telephone line cord to the wall jack, then unplug the power AC cord for 30 seconds.

2. After the 30 seconds, then reconnect the line cord to the wall jack, then reconnect the AC power cord.


If this does not work, then you should consider connecting a telephone to the FAX phone extension jack and make sure you have dial tone before sending any FAX. Also make sure your FAX has all its correct settings for receiving and tramsmitting faxcimile. If you continue to have these intermittent/incomplete FAX transmssion issues, contact Comcast at 18003913000 use option 2 and have the technical agent reset your business telephone modem.


Hope this helps you out.