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Fri, May 29, 2015 1:00 PM

Toll-Free billing detail

We just got our first bill that included voice service, and it includes approximately $65 for what appears to be people using our 1-800 number to call us, but there is no accounting for those fees.


I have already logged into our account and downloaded all of the call details provided. It shows all calls that were dialed, answered, and missed.


I am assuming that calls to our 800# would be included in the "Answered" calls, but there is absolutely no indication of which of those calls used our 800# and which ones used our regular, non-toll-free number.


AT&T had absolutely no problems breaking out our toll-free calls into a separate list. There's no reason your system shouldn't be able to do it too. I want those records.



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7 y ago

Hello rjlsystems and welcome,


You need to check out this Get a toll-free number link which may clarify this for you. Please also pay attention under pricing to Toll-Free Service Terms and Conditions. In summary, the standard usage Toll Free (TF) is $0.059 / minute. Therefore, your TF usage charge would mean that monthly TF usage charge of $65.00 was for approximately 1101.69 minutes or 36.72 minutes per day. In conclusion, your TF Telephone Number (TN) is typically always translated or connected to your primary business incoming TN. So, you should always would be to see all of your primary business incoming TN records to make the same computation that I provided for you.


Hope this helps you out.