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Wed, Jul 7, 2021 9:58 PM

Returning numbers ported to another vendor in error

Recently I was requested to port three numbers, one from each of three related sites, from Comcast in to Mitel. Two numbers successfully ported (took about 2 weeks), before it was discovered that those lines were dedicated analog fax lines that should not have been ported. The third port was caught and cancelled in time.

Where can I go to start porting these back into Comcast and returning them to the clients?

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Good evening, @user_f2c550 and happy Wednesday! I hope you are doing well. Glad you were able to catch the port before the number was lost. We have our amazing Business Customer Service agents that can help with porting these numbers back to Comcast. You can reach our Business department by calling 1-800-741-4141.