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Tue, Aug 2, 2022 5:31 PM

PRI E911 "User" field

I am currently updating the E911 information for our city on our PRI. The 2nd field on the lookup form is called "User" and shows as "PRI Trunking" which is the name which comes up on our PSAP screen when called. When managing the individual numbers, I see no way to change this field, nor could I find one anywhere on the page or in the dropdown menus. Unless I have missed something on the page, my question is twofold:
1. Can this field be changed and, if so, how?
2. Can there be multiple "Users" or am I limited to just one name, that is, can I merely rename the field "City of ..." or, can it be set for individual departments/numbers at the attached address? (in this case our city hall). 

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8 d ago

Hello there @user_31682b these are excellent questions! These fields are controlled as they do have to meet certain requirements. If you are logging in with the primary ID but are unable to make these adjustments we may need to step in and assist. Please reach us 1-1 


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