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Monday, September 26th, 2022 7:16 AM

No Service, but Customer Service disagree

We various accounts with Comcast Business of which 20 are phone accounts which are fire alarm and elevator lines.  Of these 20 lines only 4 work because they are not through Comcast Business.  

I am beyond frustrated, as no one will take the time to come to my site and determine why we have no service.  From what I as a lay person and NOT a Comcast Installer there are no phone lines connected to the modem.

How do I get service and how do I get someone out here to check the installation.  Running a check on the modem remotely does not cut it in this case, of course the modem shows there are lines because that is how it was activated but there are no lines plugged in so how would that work.  We have the same set up in the business office and the phone lines go directly into the modem.  

So why can't Comcast get the Fire Alarms and Elevator phones working?

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1 year ago

Hello, @user_2f4d19! Thanks for posting on our Business Forums for assistance. I'm sorry to hear about the current service issue. Definitely, not the experience we would like you to have. We would recommend you contact us over the phone to set up an appointment. Here is the phone number for your convenience (800) 391-3000 - Available 24/7.