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Thu, Jul 31, 2014 5:00 PM

Is It Possible to Cancel Voice & Keep Internet without violating contracting?

I only signed up for the voice plan because I needed a home phone to go along with my ADT alarm system. But we are getting rid of our ADT system and going with a DIY alarm system (no monthly fees). Is it possible to remove the COMCAST voice phone from the bundled phone and internet plan I have without violating an agreement? I will still have service as I want to keep my internet but don't know if this is possible.



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7 y ago

Hello dpetersen111 and welcome,


Yes, you can disconnect only your Voice Line of Business (LOB) without incurring any Service Order Agreement penalties. The only implication may be that if you were given double play bundled discounts, these could be discontinued because you are looking to be a single play customer. Comcast always increments reoccurring discounts as a direct function of the quantity of LOBs or extent of bundling. 


Hope this helps you out.