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Thu, Oct 22, 2020 12:00 PM

Inbound Call Metrics/Reporting?

I may be missing it, but is there a way to view inbound calls received by extension or agent? I'm trying to see how many inbound calls the team handles or misses and address training opportunities with answering times or DND usage.

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Hello, how are you? I hope my reply finds you at a good time and your Thursday is going well. I hope you are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am 🙂 It's pretty cool you are looking to monitor productivity this way at your business. I can see how having this type of reporting could help you out.


I apologize, we don't have any resources that will allow you to manage your inbound calling this way from other users or extensions. If you subscribe to Comcast Business Voice Edge you will have the flexibility and control to manage your inbound calls using the Comcast Business app or the Business Voice Edge desktop app. These apps are great digital tools that allow us to stand out verse other providers and they can give you basic call logs. I know this is not exactly what you need but I hope you are taking advantage of these features and benefits and are getting the most out of them!


How is your service working otherwise? We have a dedicated team on forums that is here to provide the best possible experience. If I can help with your subscription in any other way please send a private message. I just need your name, service address, and account number (or phone number) to locate your account.