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Wed, Nov 11, 2015 7:00 AM

Hunt Group question and Documentation

Is there a document nthat expalins the hunt group configuration.  I am looking for what  Enable/Disable Call Waiting For Hunt Group means within a Hunt Group.


Our hunt group for daytime is setup to ring on all users phones, however if some is on a call they dont get the ring. If they hang up their call or put it on hold is there wsome way for their phone to access the incoming CALL?


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5 y ago

Hello posedion and welcome,


The Comcast Hunt group can be setup in regular or cyclic; where regular simply means that when all call forward when busy telephone numbers (TNs) are exhausted (all TNs are busy) the next incoming call will automatically go to the primary TN Voice Mail (VM) ; cyclic refers to an endless rotation sequence searching for the next open hunt group TN available to take the call.


So. to answer your direct question about someone having their hunt group TN on hold, there is no way to force any hunt group TN to answer a call unless the TN is not busy. Your solution is to get more TNs or stop employees from using the hold functon.


Hope this helps you out.