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Tue, Feb 23, 2021 3:52 PM

Getting runaround with CPNI

As a homeowners association with gated neighborhoods, we have bundled internet+voice service at 11 locations, 10 of which are at neighborhood gates. Recently we changed our management companies and are trying to transition the accounts over. I was able to get verified and set as the new primary manager for our accounts and all 11 accounts are linked together but I am able to have full access only to 3 of these accounts. I was able to change billing address of all 11 accounts but don't have CPNI for the rest. 

When I requested these be emailed to me, I was told that these can only be emailed to the contact person on record but the email contact address setup by the previous management company was never updated after that person left the company. They're saying it takes 30 days before it can be emailed to the new contact (me).  

The other option was to snail mail the CPNIs to the billing address. When I called a week later, I was told these were mailed to the service addresses. I explained that we cannot receive mail at the service addresses which are automated gates on public streets.

Now I'm told I have 2 options; either to go to each location and receive a call back to the location (which is not practical since the phone lines go into automated gate control systems, not phones) or connect a laptop to the network port at that location and view CPNI there.

Why can't these be simply emailed to the new primary contact? Are there any other options?

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Hey there, malik_rahman, I really appreciate your time in reaching out through our Xfinity Business Forums platform! I completely understand your frustration in attempting to get the CPNIs on your Bulk Account and I apologize this has been a long process for you. I would recommend reaching out to our Bulk Account Support through 855-788-0064. They are an awesome team and will be able to assist you with getting this information and seeing if this information can be e-mailed to you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.