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Mon, Aug 11, 2014 12:00 PM

Busy signal when attempting to set up voicemail

Im getting a busy signal when I dial *99 on my handset when attempting to set up voicemail for first time



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Hello crystaltrottier and welcome,


You need to contact 1800-391-3000 option 1, and let your regional technical agent know this and ask him the following:

1. Could you tell me if you see VM on my 123-456-7890 TN? If the agent does not, then inform him/her that VM needs to be added to this TN, because apparently it fell through the crack.


2. If the agent does see VM on your TN, then ask the agent to check in your Telephone switch to see if VM is contained and activated. If it is not activated, ask the agent to do so.


3. Then ask the agent to make sure that there is a voice mail box created for your specific TN? If there is not, ask him/her to create one for you and provide the default VM passcode.


I am confident that if you follow the aforementioned process, you will be able to successfully setup your VM and utilize all the voice menu-driven options that are easy to use. Lastly, ask the agent to send you an email of your telephone system star codes and user manual for your reference.


Hope this helps you out.