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Monday, February 22nd, 2021 2:29 PM

Welcome to the new Comcast Business Forum Platform

We are excited to announce that in February 2021 the Comcast Business Forum updated platforms. The Comcast Business Forum was always intended to be a place where our customers can receive assistance from employees and be a space for thriving peer-to-peer based support. This update will help us to better realize those goals.


We have worked hard to ensure all forum functionality remains mostly unchanged. We would like to call out that the major platform changes include:

  • Authoring a post – The look of the page when authoring a new post or reply has changed but you will still be able to have the same features and functionality as before. The major change to note is that you will be able to choose what forum Category/Service and topic where you would like your post to live in the forum.



  • Identifying a Solved thread – You will notice that when you see threads in list format a thread that has a marked Solution, it will look a little different



  • User profile page – When viewing your own or another user’s profile page, you will notice few differences but all the information there will remain the same. The major change is you will find it much easier to message another user and follow users you are most interested in.



With the launch of the new platform we welcome your feedback. We would like to use this thread to answer questions about changes that may have been made, as well as, identify, prioritize, and address any bug issues for things that may not be working as expected.


If you choose to help us by reporting “bugs” with the new redesign, we ask that you provide the following information.


Issue Type (Design or Functionality):

Brief Description of Issue:

Hyperlink to Issue Location:

Browser Info (Please Include Version Info):

Screenshot (Optional):


With your help we’ll continue to make the Comcast Business Forum a positive and helpful environment for all our customers.


Thank you!

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2 years ago

I can’t find anywhere what I owe nor how I can pay!??



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Hi user_945289, thanks for reaching out to us here with this concern. Your payment options will be on your bill on the first page and on the final page. If you do not have a paper copy handy you can make a payment online (, over the phone (1-800-391-3000), on your Xfinity app, or by visiting a local Xfinity service center (