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Email migration nightmare

This is a last ditch effort, but I'm all out of ideas. . . .


As of this morning, I am unable to access my comcast business emails.  Since I use Thunderbird instead of Outlook, I foolishly took the Comcast emails at their word that I needed to do nothing for the migration.  Now I have no email.  I went online to look for new settings for Thunderbird for Office 365, but none of them work.


According to the Cloud Services page, I have a complementary Office 365 Exchange Online Essentials account, as I previously had free email boxes.  So, I next tried to log on to that app . . . and it won't recognize my email or password.


I next called Microsoft.  They attempted to be helpful, but since I don't have access to the emails, they can't get the necessary information to reset the accounts to allow me access.  Comcast Business's help line, of course, just told me there is nothing they can do about it.


Predictably, Cloud "Services" has refused to pick up the phone or return my calls.  I also noticed they don't seem to have a forum like this either.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get my professional lines of communication open again?!?

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Re: Email migration nightmare

We are scheduled for next week and use older vesion of Office for Macintosh so are on Entourage for email. Thus your experience greatly worries me. Have you gotten any resolution or fixes?

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Re: Email migration nightmare

Yes, same thing happened to me 7 weeks ago.  None of my suggestions to add some helpful information to the Cloud Solutions support web page we acted on, so I guess you are left out to dry as I was.


You might want to check out my thread over in the Microsoft Apps forum just above this one and you'll find the information you're looking for.


Re: Email migration nightmare

I didn't even get passed the first page yet! 


Received an email about the migration...."Download Outlook Assistant to ensure a seamless upgrade"...which brings me to the next page and than says....

Whoops—looks like you’re not on your PC.

Please open this link on a Windows PC to download the Outlook Assistant so you’re prepared for your Office 365 upgrade on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 9:00: AM ET
It has 3 pics...laptop...desktop and a phone...of which the desktop and laptop are checked off.
However, my laptop is a MAC so I'm assuming it's not recognizing the MAC laptop.
There is a box to check that saus "I do not have a PC" but I'm afraoid to click it on move on to teh next page.
Will this new migration allow me to use it from a MAC? 

Re: Email migration nightmare

Comcast has completely messed up this entire migration process.  My account is suspended according to microsoft support.  I've been given no administrative information for access the portal.office.com to even look into what the issue is and "Support" is only available 9a-5p Eastern time.  My entire office has no access to email at this time and I have no ability to get ahold of Cloud Soultions technical support to correct this issue.  I called Office 365 support and while they provided me some information they couldn't help me.

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Re: Email migration nightmare


Hi dmaller.


I am sorry to hear about your experience in regards to the email platform. I would like to assist with your email issue. Please private message me your account number, the name of your business and any associated emails. 

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Re: Email migration nightmare

It would be great if you guys didn't fix every single problem through private messaging or put a recap on the forums of the solution or reason for the problem instead of leaving everyone else in the world with a similar problem completely in the dark.