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We are in the process of getting an app published and it incoorporates our website. Google is requiering "proof of purchase" for our domain to make sure it's not infringing on anything but I can't find any kind of receipt for the free domain since it's free and all lol.


Is there any way to get some kind of documentation that shows we registered our domain and it is indeed ours. Even if it's a zero dollar receipt of some kind?



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Re: Domain Proof Of Purchase

Hello SFGMedia and welcome to forums,


I apologize for any frustration caused by not being readily available with your domain ownership but this feature is handled by a 3rd party for our business support team. The 3rd party group is called Hostway and you can contact them to gather your needed proof of purchase. The number to reach them on is 1-866-856-7150. Again I apologize for any frustration this has caused you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Re: Domain Proof Of Purchase

Hello SFGMedia,

I apologize for all the back and forth with getting this issue resolved. After a bit of digging through the Tier II support team and the 3rd party support team with Hostway I have found the steps needed to transfer your domain. These are the steps to transfer a domain:


1) Sign into the Business Class Portal as your Primary Manager and select Websites from the Manage Services menu.


2) Select the Manage website link from the menu of the left side to load the Hostway Control Panel window.


3) Select the Domain Name link under Manage Services to load the Domain Names page.


4) Click Edit DNS to the right of the domain to be transferred. The Domain Summary screen will load. The Auth Info Code and Domain Lock status are shown on this screen. Note the Auth Info Code so that you can provide it to the desired registrar.
5) If the Domain Lock Status shows Locked, click edit to disable the lock.
6) Once the lock is disabled, the you can provide the Auth Info Code to the desired registrar who will then complete the registration transfer.


I realize this information may be a bit out of date but it should get you to correct support page to begin your transfer. Please let me know if this information helps.

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