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Registered domain name but it refuses to go live

 I registered my domain name on the Comcast web site yesterday morning.  I received a success messge (pasted in below) but now do not see it in my website liset and my welcome screen indicates that I don't have anything registered.  When I try again to register my domain name, I get a message telling me that the name is not available.  I have tried to get access periodically since yesterday afternoon; at this time, I need your help to gain access,


Please help me get access to sitebuilder using my new domain name.  Thanks!



Message from server when I registered my domain name yesterday:

"Your request to register the domain MariFranklinLaw.com for ****ACCOUNTSTREETADDRESS***  has been successful.

If you have already used the free domain that is included with your Internet service, your account will be charged $2.99/month for an additional domain."

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Re: Registered domain name but it refuses to go live

Hello Franklinweb,


Welcome to the forum.

Based on your post, this domain should be ready for website creation once the registration is completed.

DNS entry search on MariFranklinLaw.com shows:

DNS servers
adns.cs.siteprotect.com []
bdns.cs.siteprotect.com []

Answer records

Authority records

Additional records


When you are registering your domain did you get any errors?



Thank you




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