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FTP Conection Problems -

Hi there.

i'm unable to conect to my hosting, is there any trick to make my ftp client conect?

unable to conect with any program....


cute ftp

and online


i need my website to start runing.... costumer service experience is a nightmere.

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Re: FTP Conection Problems -

Hello Ckan,


Welcome to the forum.

We would like to assist, but could give us few more information to your question?


1. What is your domain?

2. When did this access issue started?

3. Which internet browser did you use?


Thank you

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Re: FTP Conection Problems -

Hello again,

I am having the same exact problem. I have been trying since April to get this website up and running. I am getting more frustrated by the minute. The client I am using is CutieFTP and my domain is contemporaryflavors.com I am at a lost for what to do. 

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