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Re: Outage - Honesty and Transparency

I will be switching asap from comcast at both my home and business after today's outage of phones and absolutely unexcusable customer failure from Comcast.  There is no excuse.  anyone calling my business is being told my number is not a working number.  I am losing tons of money in sales, we are a supply house that field customer calls all day long, and comcast has a 90 minute wait time and telling "ME" to be patient????????  COMCAST YOU ARE FIRED.   I will be switching to AT&T.  I cannot even forward my phones to our cells.  Anyone calling today woudl think we have gone out of business and I REFUSE to give Comcast anymore of my hard earned money after this extremely poor service.  They obviosuly do not care about customers and are not prepared to handle crisis---------which is the same as not caring.

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