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Re: No e-mails received since 10AM (PDT) 8/11/17

What!!? .... FOUR days?   Wow, you must be a "preferred customer" or something 'cause I've been waiting 2 months!!


Repeated calls... some of them irate... some of them cajoling... now, they are getting to be sort of a humorous pastime... kind of like replying to the numerous threads of dissatisfaction on the Community Forum! 😉


For a minute there, I really thought Comcast had "gotten it" when my Business Portal showed a "ZERO" balance due on 10/13/17 (after a two-month loss of email and attempts to reach Cloud Solutions), however, they quickly came back with a $216.xx balance due on 10/16/17 invoice.


All I can say is, if these hotshots at Comcast could build some a structure for Business Support that was half as robust as a mud-fence, then they MIGHT be worth 1/10th of what they are charging for a monthly bill!

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