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Re: No e-mails received since 10AM (PDT) 8/11/17

Good luck ever getting out of Comcast.  They signed you up for domain name registrars and somehow neglected to give YOU your own username and password to manage that domain.  Hence, the Comcast folks ARE, in fact, holding your Business "hostage" throughout this migration, regardless of your duration with them and without regard to ANY previous promises made from them to provide "24/7 Business Support"... which is now represented by "the Cloud Solutions department" which is open 9-5 Monday thru Friday and doesn't have the basic courtesy to call back when they drop your call.


Lol.  I've been patient for 2 months and still don't have a dedicated "person" to resolve the issues I have called countless times to address. 


Dang, I cannot WAIT to see the backlash this shyte-move will produce in the value of your stock!   

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