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Re: No e-mails received since 10AM (PDT) 8/11/17

Michael, you may not be "real-time" support but you seem to be about a week faster than Cloud Desk support, so here goes:

1) I don't want the Cloud (period) but comcast has migrated me anyway

2) I cannot access email through either the Business Portal webmail, nor through Outlook 365 (which i don't want anyway).

3) Most of the "sales info" and "services offered" on the Business Portal are now unavailable, discontinued, or no longer supported so chasing leads/solutions there seems like a futile endeavor.

4) Comcast Business Support answers the phone right away (but can't do anything)

5) Cloud Solutions doesn't answer their phone.

6). Live Chat acknowledges that "it's a big step, this migration" and that they're "very busy" at Cloud Support.

7) Billing sends larger and larger bills (for apps and services not requested, not being used) and will gladly accept payments in real-time all day long, 24/7. 

😎 And meanwhile, the rollout seems to crash and burn...


Do you have any thoughts for the community, or from the community, so that this "big step" doesn't STEP ON your loyal comcast business customers any more than it already has??  Has ANYbody found a solution to the mess that Comcast seems to have put my business in?   (I'd say email me, but that won't work. I'd say call me, but Comcast "supports" my phone, so that might not work either.  What do I have to do...put my private cell phone out  there?)


How about a public website for "feedback" from customers so you'll have some data on "how we are doing with out customers"???


Lol! That must have been a Freudian slip 'cause I meant to type "how are we doing with OUR customers" not "how are we doing withOUT customers"... 🙂   From a business standpoint, I'd be worrying a whole lot more about BOTH questions, so I'll let the Freudian slip stand.