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Re: Is there no help for business accounts on the weekend at all?

Dear Comcast Phil -- Nice job with the immediate replies (must be new customers)... 

While you're at it, please check on open ticket (finally made it to a "Tier 2" request at Cloud Solutions after two months of waiting!) 


CR73850961610/13/201710/13/2017InternetBC Cloud Solutions - HEX Migration


and explain to me why I"ve been without email since migration on 8/11/2017.   Also explain to me why Comcast's "retention department" seems to not give a hoot about retaining customers???  


What does it TAKE to get your attention, anyone?


Been with you folk for a dozen years and never had such crappy service.  Never really needed much service, so... now are we seeing Comcast's true colors???  Is THIS what your "Business Promise" boils down to???


Really. Really. Disappointed.


thumbs down.




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