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Re: Email Migration to Microsoft Office 365

Comcast has been significantly raising prices and reducing services over the past ten years.  I see people saying what happened to my FIVE free inboxes....  when for me it was EIGHT free inboxes.... all "included" with the monthly bill.  Now, under the excuse that "Microsoft won't give us a discount" Comcast has migrated all (prevously free) "inboxes" to Online Essentials as separate "users" at a cost of 5.95/each.   Meanwhile, the monthly comcast bill stays the same, for service farmed out to Microsoft.  Neat trick, eh?


For the record:  My original contract with Comcast included "Free Web hosting, Outlook, and Norton Antivirus for UP TO 25 PC's".... ...  Connections were simple, and reliable, and I could get someone on the phone for Business Support in less than 2 minutes.


Then Comcast rolled out their "UpWare Site and Business Portal" and magically, additional charges for "apps" started to happen.  One free NAV (for up to three PC's) now....


Then the "new and improved" so-called Cloud Solutions... with each previously "free" inbox being rented to (and serviced by) Microsoft, not Comcast, yet boosting my/your bill X $5.95 per each.   No choice about it either.  When a different subscription at Microsoft could have resulted, say, in a "three user agreement" for $12.95/month.


Quite frankly, something's fishy, Comcast.  No service.  Little to no "Business Support" follow-thru, and a whole lot of "no choice" options for your customers!  What's with that, fellas?

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