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Re: EMAIL / DNS Changes - Comcast Disclosure Failure

Doesn't look this issue has gotten any better since it occurred.  Anyone else notice that "service" went down the toilet since rollout of the so-called Business Portal and Upware service?  Anyone else having continue "service" problems since new rollout of Office 365 "affiliate program" initiative?   I can't seem to get anyone from Cloud Desktop to answer a phone call (no matter how long I wait on hold) and they haven't returned "messages" for over a week?   I'm not saying the rollout wasn't announced, have an announced, yet unsupported rollout!....seems like a huge step that was taken in haste, and without any consideration for the businesses that have depended on them.   Has anyone else been able to find a work-around (to actually get support) instead of getting lost in the Business Portal links and/or the maze of transferred calls and voicemail boxes?


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