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Re: Business Internet Service down since September 9th



Still haven't heard from Phil in this forum but a tech did come out to my house yesterday.  Spent about an hour looking at the outside and then told me the same thing that the others said "there's a problem with your line".


he had me sign a an authorization form (first time this has happened) that said "reported to tap service" and told me "no more than 72 hours" and promptly left.


on my account status it states the ticket is completed and i now have no idea what is going on, no way to see a status or any way to see if they are truly working on anything.


21 days without service officially and i'm no further along than i was the last 11 times i called in for support, i can't believe any company can be this negligent.

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Re: Business Internet Service down since September 9th

"negligent" is a very charitable term to be using.  You are to be commended for your restraint.  Have been with Comcast for a dozen years and have no such charitable terms left for the arrogance of this kind of treatment of loyal customers.