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Re: Business Internet Service down since September 9th

Same story here, "natural disaster" to blame it on.  Comcast apparently isn't prepared (or willing) to make EVERY customer important.  Forcing their solutions (which don't work) on customers isn't a good business model.  Charging more for their solutions and providing less and less support, isn't "aligned" with the business portal claims.  Even when a customer in good faith tries to research ALL available info via the websites and online chats, the end-result is a mish-mash of mis-information, old information, and just plain false promises.  Very. Very. Disappointed. 


Willing to wait in line, but totally will not be surprised if this blows up into a class action lawsuit.  Hard to believe there are businesses out there (so much larger than mine) who could be totally ignored like this.  Unbelievable.


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